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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tablet Review #3 - Acer Iconia Tablet A500 - Value and Speed

Tablet Review #3 - Acer Iconia A500 Tablet

September 20, 2011

Al Kersey

    As you may have noticed, there are quite a few Android based tablets on the market, and for the most part they all have the same features on the inside (at the moment) All feature front and rear cameras, some form of SD Card storage (in this case Micro SD/SDHC), Some form of HDMI (in this case Mini HDMI) USB support, Mini-USB Support (with Cable), 802.11 b/g/n wifi, Bluetooth and a proprietary dock connector. So far its been the casing and whats included with the Android OS that has set all tablets apart.

Rear Camera, Headphones and Power Switch with LED

Volume and Lock Buttons


USB and Mini USB Ports

Dock Connector

    The Acer Iconia A500 tablet is Aluminum wrapped which makes it seem lighter than previous tablets I have worked with, some reviews I have read have said it makes it seem to have a "Cheap" feel because of that. I disagree, the unit itself is quite sturdy.

Unboxing the unit:

Upon opening the box you are greeted with a "Read Me First" pamphlet, covering basics and information that you may find interesting.

Underneath the tablet is a lint free cleaning cloth for keeping the tablet screen nice and smudge free.

Beneath the cloth you will find a box that includes the AC Adaptor (for charging) and Mini USB Cable (for connecting to a PC) and manuals for the tablet


The Iconia A500 is one of the least expensive Honeycomb tablets, if not the least expensive Honeycomb tablets available. I was quite surprised at the speed of this tablet, having one of the fastest boot times of any unit I have reviewed. I attribute that to the lack of Acer installing "Bloatware" and offering a very Genuine experience with the OS. Moving from window to window is fast and the unit is very responsive overall. Acer gives you the option of selecting the software you want to install for security (other units come with some form of AntiVirus pre-installed) as well as other things that are seemingly decided for you by other manufacturers. Some people may complain that having a very basic "Vanilla" approach is plain and boring, however Android purists (and yes they do exist) prefer a basic install so they can customize to their liking. The Iconia is right up their alley.

It should be noted that after booting and connecting to wireless the tablet immediately had two sizable updates that not only added some extra software but made the unit appear to run even faster.

The rear camera is a lot like the camera featured in the Toshiba Thrive. Quality is what I would consider "passable" for a 5MP Camera, but colors still come out dull and washed out. I don't think the main aim of any tablet is for crisp pictures and videos - just well enough to take pictures for email and social networking.

Click for full size picture from Camera

Overall if you are looking for something highly customizable and on the affordable side, you cannot go wrong with the Iconia A500 Tablet. You can get more information here or by contacting your Eastern Data Account Exec.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Geovision DVR Card Comparison Chart

Click Each Image for Full Size

Tablet Review #2 - Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet - True Business Class comes to Tablets

Tablet Review #2 - Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

September 13, 2011

Al Kersey

    In the ongoing "Tablet Wars" that have been given extra life by HP liquidating their WebOS enabled line there are still plenty of Android based tablets looking for the title of "Business Class Tablet" Lenovo has come to the table with what seems to be a solid entry with their ThinkPad Tablet. The current generation of Android Tablets all have the same basic internal hardware (NVidia Tegra Dual Core CPU, 802.11 B/G/N WiFi, GPS, Dual Cameras, etc) the main difference is what type of external ports each tablet has and what extra software each manufacturer decides to preinstall.

    There are currently 3 models of ThinkPad Tablet available, 16GB. 32GB and 64GB onboard storage. Aside from the storage space the 32GB And 64GB Models come equipped with a stylus dubbed the "ThinkPad Tablet Pen" that fits physically in the unit the way a Stylus would fit into a Palm Pilot or any other older "Pocket PC". Every unit supports a Mini-HDMI Connector, A full size USB 2.0 Connector, A Micro USB Connector and a connector for Lenovo's proprietary dock unit. A note of interest is that this is currently the only tablet that can be charged through the Micro USB Port - every other tablet has their own way of supplying power to charge the battery, none use Mini/Micro USB. The ThinkPad Tablet also supports SD Cards for storage and has a SIM Card slot, opening up the possibility of using cellular service via SIM card in the future. If/When this feature becomes available all registered ThinkPad Tablet users will receive the software update that allows that to happen. Be sure to keep your unit registered for any updates.

    What sets the ThinkPad Tablet apart from pretty much everyone else (aside from what I have already mentioned) are the applications that have been preinstalled. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Documents to Go:

Edit, view and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint files plus high fidelity viewing of PDF files. Supports password-protected Word & Excel 97-2007 files, Google Docs and includes a desktop Application (Windows) for bi-directional synchronization.

Printer Share:

Print office documents, email, photos, contacts, calendars, text and picture/video messages, call logs and web pages from your device directly to a printer next to you or over the Internet anywhere in the world.

Citrix Receiver:

Citrix Receiver is a universal client that enables IT to securely deliver enterprise data, apps, desktops from virtualized XenDesktop and XenApp infrastructure. With Citrix Receiver, ThinkPad Tablet users can access their work applications and desktops and be productive from anywhere

And my personal favorite:

Myscript Notes Mobile:

With MyScript Notes Mobile you can create notebooks in which you can write, annotate, draw and insert pictures. Benefit from handwriting recognition in 27 languages and share notes through social networking tools installed on your tablet.

The Notes Mobile application takes a little bit of time to get used to but makes great use of the ThinkPad Tablet Pen. It converts your handwriting to text in what reminds me of a "Comic Sans" type font, then by hitting the Icon in the top left hand side of the software allows you to export either as text or a picture to GMail, Corporate Email, Etc. To me this application is what makes this stand out from all others. You can take notes in a meeting and within seconds send those notes via email.

    In general the User Experience has been pleasing while using this tablet, however there were a couple of problems, One is the boot time - it takes longer to boot than any other Tablet I have seen (about a minute and a half) but I attribute that to their UI Enhancements and Included Antivirus and the other problem that we have seen were that some applications would "Force Close" (Android-speak for Crash) multiple times. As with any tablet though there are bound to be updates and patches that fix issues that are encountered and we received one of the first units that was available in the United States. Remember to register your tablet and you will receive notice when any future software patches, fixes and OS upgrades are available.

This is a tablet that you can take to work with you and get good use from.  Lenovo has hit the target while aiming for a "Business Class" Tablet.

For More information on the tablet you can see Lenovo's datasheet here or can contact your EDI Account Exec.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Intel Discontinues E5800, E6700 and E6800

Product discontinuance notice available by clicking here. Now would be the time to transition from Socket 775 CPU/Motherboard Combos to Socket 1155 CPU/Motherboard Combos. Be sure to ask your sales executive for more information.